Photos used for Album artwork


Photos taken at Newburgh, Aberdeenshire used for the artwork on a CD by Paul Marfleet ...more

Frog photo in RSPB calendar


This picture was taken in a pond in my garden and was 'April' in the RSPB 2020 calendar.

Photo used for the Geological Society of London's 2020 calendar.


This photo of the Levant tin and copper mine in Cornwall was used for September in the Geological Society's (The Geological Society) 2020 calendar.

Bow Fiddle Rock wins competition


On 15th October 2018 the Geological Society announced that my image of Bow Fiddle Rock had won their 'Earth Science in Our Lives' competition for 2018. ...more

Stag photograph in Glen Muick


Taken on an RSPB outing, this image was widely published and received many comments on facebook. ...more